About Us

Driven by our innovative roots and a passionate team, we bring IDEAS to life.

Is there a better way?

The beginning of progress is always led with the question ‘is there a better way?’. As industrial product creators, we thrive in the challenge of finding a better way.

We pride ourselves in being more than just a manufacturer–we’re passionate innovators, creators and world changers through the IDEAS we bring to life. We act upon the opportunities that matter most; those that work towards a sustainable future and energy diversification, fostering a bright future for the generations to come

    Rocky Mountain landscape near Tycrop facilities in Canada


    Bringing to life innovative products and technologies that bridge the gap to a sustainable future and give our customers a competitive advantage.


    Clean Air. Clean Water. Clean Energy.

    Our Roots

    Our passion for finding a better way is proven by our legacy. Since our inception in 1978, TYCROP has been leading the way in overcoming industrial product challenges. Learn more about our history and the roots that have led us to where we are today.

      Historical photo of Tycrop Trailers

      Leadership Team

      Scott Mason

      Scott Mason

      CEO & President

      Scott is the leader. His primary role as President is ensuring collective success through strategic planning, a clear vision for the future, and developing key relationships. He’s focusing the company’s future on the mission of achieving clean air, clean water, and clean energy.

      Gary Teichrob

      Gary Teichrob

      Founder & CDO

      Gary is the idea man. He oversees Product Development, facilitating the creative design of new products and mentoring product development teams. He believes in creating products that provide superior performance while also improving the life of the operator.

      Corey Carriveau

      Corey Carriveau


      Corey is the money man. Working closely with the executive team, Corey sets, meets, and maintains the financial goals of the organization. He’s responsible for handling investment and partnership opportunities while ensuring the financial integrity of TYCROP.

      Russ Janzen

      Russ Janzen

      VP, Operations & Engineering

      Russ is the coordinator of minds. He works with the TYCROP team of actualizers and engineers to coordinate and oversee the development of new products IDEAS, and bring them to life through world-class manufacturing systems and facilities.

      Kevin Thiessen

      Kevin Thiessen

      Manager, New Product Operations

      Kevin is the creator. He takes the ideas for new products and brings them to life through rapid prototyping and field testing for field validation and overall product functionality. Ensuring the product design meets customer requirements and is feasible for scale manufacturing.

      Shane Gallinger

      Shane Gallinger

      Manager, Production

      Shane is the actualizer. He works with a large team of manufacturing and production proffesionals to implement new products through LEAN manufacturing systems. He ensures operational efficiently while maintaining high quality and meeting customer deadlines.

      Our Capabilities

      We have the experience, and qualifications to ensure that every product is accounted for at each stage of its lifecycle — keeping innovation and sustainability at the forefront.

        Our Group of Brands

        TYCROP “TCM” is made up of multiple closely related business units, each with a clear focus, purpose, and responsibility — allowing us to serve and produce across a diverse group of industries.

          Careers at TYCROP

          Are you passionate about your work and ready to help TYCROP bring IDEAS to life? We want to hear from you.