With a history of innovation, TYCROP has remained dedicated to bringing big IDEAS to life in different specialized markets across the world.

Historical photo of early tycrop trailer


TYCROP was founded in 1978 by Gary & Elaine Teichrob, building farm equipment at the family dairy farm. The first problem solved was overcoming the challenges of harvesting forage from wet, muddy fields by designing a new unit that “floated” on larger aircraft tires reducing the impact and increasing harvest capacity.

The success of this product resulted in the creation of a line of agricultural equipment to help local dairy farmers work more efficiently.

Vintage image of Tycrop worker
Engineering drawing
1984 Tycrop advertisment
Old Tycrop illustration with cartoon trailers


TYCROP expanded its product offerings moving from the field and onto the roads in the early 1980’s. TYCROP started with trailers for hauling fertilizer and sawdust for the dairy industry.

A few years later, the company designed a new, super lightweight aluminum b-train trailer that maximized capacity for hauling wood chips from the sawmill to the pulp mill, changing the economics for customers across the industry.

Today, TYCROP Trailers operates out of its own facility in Sardis, BC, with a line of moving floor, tipper and self dumping trailer solutions.

Tycrop's golf and turf equipment


In 1989 TYCROP entered the golf and turf industry — redefining material handling capability and performance. By 2008, customers in 42 countries relied on TYCROP’s golf and turf equipment products to help them produce the best playing conditions for the lowest possible cost.

Toro bought the golf and turf division from TYCROP in 2009. To ensure the success of the transition, TYCROP continued manufacturing the products for the next 18 months and then assisted Toro with setting up their manufacturing operations in Tomah, WI.

Tycrop promotional flyer from the 1980s
Propell team
propell machine


In 2008 TYCROP leveraged expertise across multiple industries to design the new standard in pressure pumping technology, launching the Propell Oilfield Equipment brand and opening a new facility in Calgary, Alberta.

From industry leading pressure pumping technology to game changing solutions for proppant, chemical, and blending Propell was focused on their mission to help customers achieve the highest levels of safety, performance, and prosperity.

Tycrop Today

Today TYCROP “TCM” is made up of three closely related business units, each having its own focus, purpose, and the responsibility to operate to an approved budget. The objective of the brands is to be valuable, profitable and market leading. Our value lies within the strength of their relationships with customers and the performance of their offerings —with TYCROP’s overarching goal of bringing IDEAS to life.


Tycrop manufacturing facility


TYCROP “TCM” is made up of multiple closely related business units, each with a clear focus, purpose, and responsibility.