Portable Air Bridges


The Challenge

A company approached TYCROP with the need for portable bridges that would be easily maneuvered with an excavator to create temporary crossings over protected areas during construction. The bridges had to be rugged and withstand high payloads as they would be primarily used for heavy equipment crossing.


Engineered load rating up to 60 tons

Expandable Width

Easily moved and placed

The solution

The TYCROP product development team in tandem with our engineers designed a simple and effective bridge system that can easily withstand the load requirements. In addition to the initial requirements, our team designed a rapid interlocking system for easy expansion of bridge width, optional safety rails, and ensured the wooden boards are easily replaceable for maintenance.

Rather than just build a few bridges for the local project, we formed a partnership business together with our customers, named Across Bridges, in which portable engineered bridges are available for rent. The resulting business has been successful for all parties and provides bridges for projects across Canada.

Technical Specs

18’-2” length

8’-6” width

Easily set in place via excavator

60 Ton Max Capacity

Easily stacked for transport