Portable Air Bridges


The Challenge

Heavy equipment operators in construction, oil & gas, mining,  or on the pipeline require rapid access to protected areas or environmentally sensitive crossings. This access is often achieved through rig-matting or labour-intensive bridges that leave a lasting impact on the area of installation. TYCROP was presented with the challenge of designing a portable bridge that could be easily maneuvered with an excavator. The bridges had to be rugged and withstand high payloads, while having minimal impact on the areas of installation.


Capable of holding up to 60 tons

Expandable Width

Easily moved and placed

The solution

Working alongside operators, TYCROP designed a simple and effective bridge system that was certified to withstand the load requirements and greatly reduced setup time and impact. A rapid interlocking system provided simple expansion of bridge width, while being easily stacked for transport and maintained through replaceable wooden bridge sections. Today, these bridges are rented out to operators by Across and used all over North America to provide rapid, and safe access.

Technical Specs

18’-2” length

8’-6” width

Easily set in place via excavator

60 Ton Max Capacity

Easily stacked for transport