Oil & Gas

The Challenge

On industrial worksites, diesel-powered engines are often left running to ensure on-demand power is available anytime required. However, running an engine at idle without load requirement is not only costly to the company, but also inefficient, emitting unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere.


Minimize the runtime of diesel engines when not under load

Ensure compatibility with most industrial diesel engine applications

Offer a hydraulic and electric version

The solution

Inspired by the automotive industry’s auto stop/start feature that is available on most new vehicles, TYCROP developed an industrial application in both electric and hydraulic form. The GreenStart system allows for reduced idle time by intelligently shutting off the engine when not in use. A self-contained starter system provides the onboard energy to restart the engine at any time, while an on-board monitoring software intelligently determines when to restart, ensuring the diesel engine is always ready to work.

In the oil & gas space, GreenStart provides approximately 35% reduction in idle time, minimizing carbon footprint, fuel consumption, and yearly maintenance costs for operators.

Technical Specs


Local and remote control function with agnostic design


On-board intelligent monitoring software for engine vitals


Electrically chargeable energy source


Rapid startup through a self-contained starter


System capable for start performance to – 40°C / °F