Group of BRANDS

TYCROP “TCM” is made up of multiple closely related business units, each with a clear focus, purpose, and responsibility.



Rosedale, BC

TYCROP serves as our corporate headquarters while being the center of innovation and a growing manufacturing hub where we bring new product and business IDEAS to life. We empower our brands and strategic partners through governance, strategic planning, business systems, new product development, branding and diversification initiatives.

Tycrop Trailers Logo

Tycrop Trailers

Chilliwack, BC

TYCROP Trailers is Western Canada’s leader in optimizing the performance of bulk-haul transportation solutions. Specializing in moving floor, tipper and self-dump high volume trailers for the wood fiber, waste and mining sectors.

Propell logo

Propell AMerica

Granbury, Texas

Propell America is a strategic partner in packaging custom solutions for energy production. Focussed on working with industry leaders to develop, engineer, and scale next-gen power generation and industrial electrification technologies that drive improved safety, performance and emissions.

Propell logo

Propell Canada

Calgary, Alberta

Propell Canada is a leading provider of equipment innovation designed to help customers accelerate their transition to lower emission and higher performance technology by upgrading existing assets and intelligently transforming equipment design through the integration of electrification and automation.

Across Bridges logo

Across Bridges

Rosedale, BC

Across engineered portable bridges are designed to safely provide rapid access for people and heavy equipment while reducing the impact on the environment during installation and removal. The bridges can be quickly moved, placed, and expanded to provide a versatile cost effective solution to make protected crossing placement decisions or changes with minimal downtime.