Electric Frac Blender

Oil & Gas

The Challenge

Alongside the rest of the globe, the Oil & Gas industry is constantly challenged to find news ways to decarbonize their operations. While most equipment manufacturers focus on electrifying frac pumps (pumping horsepower) on well site operations, Propell recognized that great decarbonisation opportunities lied in the electrification and automation of back-end operations (proppant delivery, blending, and chem-add). This however, is no small feat as these mechanically complex pieces of equipment are traditionally diesel-powered with little-to-no ‘smart’ controls or automation.


No diesel engines or hydraulics

Meet or exceed current blending demand

No sand augers

Increased level of control & communication between systems

The solution

Together with Propell, the TYCROP engineering and Software & Controls team worked diligently to design an industry-leading, intelligent Electric Blender that acts as a central command center to all well site back-end operations.

The teams developed an all new sand conveyor to replace typical auger systems, providing improved sand delivery and control.

A disciplined design and engineering process, including multiple rounds of CFD with a third-party expert in fluid dynamics, resulted in a new innovative tub design and highly evolved blending process.

An intuitive HMI and “future-ready” controls and hardware were designed to pave the way for remote & autonomous operation.

Technical Specs

Fully electric solution

Intelligent control system, remote and autonomous operations

227 bbs/min

Combined max rate

20,000 lbs/min

Sand rate