R4 Equipment Renewal transforms worn-out pressure pumps to the highest standard in safety and performance.

R4 outperforms conventional remanufacturing practices by transforming existing assets to meet or exceed their original equipment specifications. The comprehensive R4 renewal process prepares pressure pumps for an extended operational life, with the latest features in safety, operations, and technology. R4 focuses on being a strategic partner in fleet standardization and longevity to add tangible value to customer operations.


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R4 Equipment Renewal

6915 – 108 Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta T2C 5G2

Tel: 403.724.9230

Toll Free: 1.866.558.9230

(8:00am – 4:30pm MDT)



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Full Renewal via R4 Conversion Technology

R4 Chassis Features

Our complete pressure pump renewal includes:

    OEM remanufacturing of all major components: engine, transmission, and pump

    Replacement of all broken or faulty components

    Complete pre-assembly painting of unit and components

    Technology upgrades to the latest in safety, operations, and performance

    Controls and software upgrades

    Easy customer configurability for the integration of future upgrades

    Full warranty for all components, including majors

1     Our driveshaft guard is engineered to contain the driveshaft in the event of a failure,            with easy maintenance from either side.

2     Heavy-duty iron racks and accessory components are designed to last.

3     A slide-out fender, stairs, and added work platform provide safer access at heights.

4     The universal pump mount plus chassis rail-clamp technology allow individual                      components to be configured in multiple ways or easily upgraded.

5     High-quality, robust hardware and ergonomic components are positioned to                        reduce strain.