Lighting Retrofit

Shedding More Light on Bright Ideas

Providing illumination for multiple manufacturing plants, warehouses and support facilities requires a significant amount of lighting – and therefore a significant cost in power consumption.


TYCROP, working in conjunction with BC HYDRO’s PowerSmart program, replaced and retrofit over 460 lighting fixtures throughout the entire facility with more energy efficient T-5 and T-8 HO fluorescent fixtures. The process was a costly endeavor but with rebates through BC HYDRO and the actual savings on power consumption will payback the investment within 5 years.

In addition to the cost savings, the reduction of power requirements has conservation benefits on the environment. Effectively, the updated lighting reduces TYCROP’s illumination power consumption by over 30%  per year.


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 T12 vs T8

T12  T8
Watts: (4 bulb Fixture) 172 112
Annual Usage: (kWh) 430 288
Savings: 35%