Electric Forklift

Doing Some Heavy Lifting for the Environment

At first glance, the idea of an electric forklift seems like a logical step in reducing the environmental impact of fuel and exhaust.  A forklift runs almost continuously – all day, every day – running from one end of the facility to the other – so any reduction of emissions is a great start. TYCROP’s acquisition and use of the LINDE RX60 forklift has resulted in environmental savings beyond just emissions: things like reduced maintenance, longer-life tires, lighter chassis  and non-skidding transmission (reducing marking and rutting in the surface).

The electrical forklift has contributed to streamlining deliveries in the warehouse and production plants due to a tighter turning radius and quieter operation. The improved visibility for the driver also has made it safer to operate and to more accurately handle materials. Add all of these things to the efficient electric operation and its a clear advantage both financially and environmentally.

“The integration of an electric forklift will significantly make a difference in operational efficiency and have a longer term positive impact environmentally.”


Scott McGhee

TYCROP Infrastructure Manager