Beetle Kill Pine Extended B-Train

As the Mountain Pine Beetle spread through BC’s forests, trees died faster than logging companies could remove them. The longer this dead wood stood in the forest, the drier it became. This resulted in under-weight trailers making many extra trips along BC highways.


In the spring of 2009, TYCROP gave a presentation to wood industry representatives and the British Columbia government regarding transportation solutions to the under-weight issue surrounding Beetle Kill Pine wood fibre.

Working with the industry, TYCROP developed an extended B-train trailer with an increased payload capacity that not only aided in reducing transport costs but also provided a positive impact on the environment.


The Beetle-Kill Pine Eco-Engineered Wood-Fibre Hauler can carry up to 15% more volume thanks to its combined 2.5 meter lead and pup extensions plus an aerodynamic front end extension on the lead.  This initiative has gained momentum thanks to its positive effects on the industry at all levels.

These trailers eliminate extra trips down the highway – improving traffic congestion, reducing emissions and road wear, while helping carriers maintain profitability.


TRAILERCRAFT has also been an integral part of this program by cutting and stretching existing B-train trailers to take advantage of the initiative.