Our most valuable asset is our staff of over 300 talented people – and it shows.

The people that work at TYCROP come here, learn here, and stay here for many years – it is this shared, collective expertise and a never-ending pursuit of improvement through applied innovation and teamwork that gives our company a decided competitive advantage in everything we do.

The Core

At the core of our company are the Values and Purpose that guide the Board of Directors and the Executive in developing the Mission and our related business Strategies to ensure our collective success.

 TYCROP’s Values


Providing the communication to create organizational transparency and facilitate the effective integration of our business system directives throughout the organization.

Systems & Resource Management

Ensuring that our people are getting the support they need to succeed in their jobs by providing the right systems, tools, work place environment, and financial resources. A focus on implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System and continually improving its effectiveness to align with and enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring all customer requirements are met throughout the company.



Responsible for the physical production of components and products from planning and acquisition through assembly and customer delivery. Our industry-leading manufacturing processes provide a clear distinction and advantage in the marketplace. Re-manufacturing will be aligned to integrate with standard manufacturing processes.

Business Development

Responsible for sales, moving as many products as possible into the market, creating and executing effective growth strategies aligned with our Purpose, finding opportunity, identifying product needs, and supporting the customer for the lifetime of their product.


Product Design & Development

Responsible for the creation of new, industry leading products as well as keeping all relevant, existing products “current” based on feedback and continued collaboration with all stakeholders. Emphasis will be placed on speed-to-market by developing concepts, integrating technologies, optimizing  the prototype process and focusing our engineering horsepower.