HSE Policy

Our Commitment


The executives and senior management personnel of TYCROP are committed to upholding employee safety and the environmental guardianship as a priority, ensuring that all operations are carried out in a manner that prevents both injury and negative environmental impacts. TYCROP supports a culture of safety in which all employees have an important role. His culture of safety contributes to TYCROP’s sustainable development and helps earn our customers’ trust.


TYCROP also recognizes that the guardianship of the environment is important and this consideration will be reflected in our manufacturing activities, policies, programs and practices through pollution prevention and environmental protection.


To achieve the above stated purpose, all individuals employed by TYCROP will:


• Comply with all applicable health, safety and environment legislation at a minimum. Where a TYCROP Standard or Guiding Principle exists, which is more stringent than the local legislative requirement, then the TYCROP Standard or Guiding Principle will be followed.
• Identify and evaluate all health, safety and environmental hazards, and establish controls to manage risks. Risk assessments will be conducted and updated whenever there is a considerable change in working environments, with special attention given to those hazards that present the greatest potential for fatal injury on the premises.
• Promote best practices in safety within our industry by measuring and recording TYCROP’s progress on HSE performance throughout the organization and analyzing findings to develop proactive safety initiatives.
• Ensure all employees and contractors understand they are accountable for their actions and have a duty to intervene if they observe unsafe acts or conditions undertaken in the workplace
• Take a stance of zero tolerance of the conditions and behaviors that contribute to workplace accidents, incidents and environmental damages which have a negative impact to the business.

Through the active participation and commitment of all TYCROP employees, we will strive to meet and exceed the requirements of this policy.