“HPC” High Performance Components designs and manufactures custom components for industrial applications.


The High Performance Components “HPC” brand was launched by TYCROP in 2011. TYCROP is a company full of “gear heads and motor heads” – we love to cultivate creative thought and build new stuff. When we can’t find a part or component that suits our needs from existing suppliers the way we want, sometimes we simply create the right solution ourselves. Much along the same lines as someone that owns a classic muscle car, hot rod, or motorcycle and loves to add their own “custom touches” to make the final product the best it can be, HPC  does the same thing for industrial applications and equipment. It started with our own version of the “grab handle” and was followed by the Pro-Latch, and then high performance innovations such as the EDGE 60 fluid heater (aka “water brake”) and custom aluminum air intake boxes for high horsepower diesel engines from Cummins, MTU, and CAT. Born from necessity and fired by innovation, HPC products are designed to outperform and outlast other off the shelf alternatives. If you have a need for something better, but can’t find the right solution in the market, let us know and we’ll see if we can help!